As TWL sees it, there are three types of traveling drinkers and we want to help each and every one of you.  Whether you’re on a business trip, a couple’s getaway or a classic guy’s weekend, let us help you do one thing excellently!

Doesn’t give a shit guy:

You just want to get drunk, we get it.  There’s something about traveling that really brings back the novelty of it all.  You’re the one that shows up to the 6 am flight and orders a bloody-mary with house vodka, we love you!  Please, skip the beer and wine.  Head directly to the orange juice and bloody bar section.  Stick here and always mix with vodka, at some point you’ll be off the plane and it likely won’t be cool to smell like whiskey (it’s always cool to smell like whiskey, but you get the point).

Classy Lady:

Classy lady isn’t too different from Mr. Slurs above, but it’s the way you order that makes all the difference.  You’re not ordering a drink, you’re picking a liquor and mixing it.  Most airlines accommodate you with middle to top-shelf liquor in-flight.  Just please, skip your favorite random ass boutique vodka and go with Kettle One or Grey Goose.  Everyone gets it, you know what you like, just be respectful.

Too cool for School:

Don’t be fooled, this is the real MVP.  The buddy who plans for the trip months in advance, knows all the best bars, and comes prepared. He doesn’t accept status quo and instead opts to travel with his own bar.  He knows they won’t have good single malts or limited edition bourbon on the plane, so he brings it in the cute little nib form.  Find a local liquor store with amble minis or order online.  There’s a surprising amount of good whiskey available in minis (originally intended for people to try before they buy).  Nobody likes sipping a 20+ single malt in a diner out of a plastic cup, so please don’t travel with these nibs in a plastic sandwich baggy, it kills the whole thing!