In Flight Entertainment – Drinking Edition

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As TWL sees it, there are three types of traveling drinkers and we want to help each and every one of you.  Whether you’re on a business trip, a couple’s getaway or a classic guy’s weekend, let us help you do one thing excellently! Doesn’t give a shit guy: You just want to get drunk, [...]

Taste Whiskey – Preparing Your Palate

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When sitting down to seriously taste whiskey, it's important to have your palate ready to receive the spirit of life. On several occasions, I popped open one of my more expensive bottles of whiskey, poured myself a drink, and took a sip only to realize I could not taste a thing! I had just eaten a spicy [...]

How to Buy Whiskey Online and Earn a Free Bottle

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TheWhiskeyLibrary.com is a Whiskey Price Search Engine that aggregates prices from a number of online retailers to find you the best price for whiskey bottles online. While buying whiskey online does remove the magic of walking into a liquor store and picking out a bottle, there are times buying online may be the best or [...]

Brexit’s Impact on Scotch

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In case your only news outlet is TWL, let us first relay last week’s biggest news: The UK has voted to leave the European Union.  I’ll be honest, when I first read the news about Brexit, I didn’t really care.  Call me an ignorant American, but the only impact I foresaw this vote having on [...]

Whiskey for the 4th of July

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There is no better way to celebrate America's Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July than with a nice tall glass of the American Spirit: Bourbon. American's history with the spirit runs deep, so if you are heading off to a backyard barbecue, show the host you care and pick up a bottle [...]

5 Great Master Distillers You Should Know

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In the world of whiskey, although there might not be a commonly accepted, uniform definition of what constitutes a “Master Distiller,” what is agreed upon is that the term generally means one with much experience in their field. Often, too, the term engenders much respect. Below, we tell you about five of the greatest in [...]

The Best Whiskey For Father’s Day 2016

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Father's Day 2016 is here which means its time to spend the day with the man who made you. What better way then over a good bottle of whiskey? Check out our picks below for some cool ideas to give the old man as a gift. We hope he's kind enough to open it while [...]