Hello and welcome to The WhiskeyLibrary.com! We are excited to have you here and wanted to share a small bit about ourselves and the website.


The Whiskey Library is a search engine scraping the internet for the lowest price whiskey bottles. We are building the largest searchable database of the best priced whiskey. We aggregate price information from liquor stores all over the internet and compile it into one, easy to use tool – shipping prices and tax included. We are crafting this best price whiskey search engine by constantly aggregating new bottles and content to help redefine the way you shop for whiskey online and ensure that you are informed while shopping for whiskey at your local liquor store.


The Whiskey Library was founded in 2014 by Drew Gatian and Kevin Conroy with the goal of simplifying the way we shopped for whiskey. As collectors and drinkers in the New York City and San Francisco markets, we found ourselves spending a lot of time shopping for whiskey both online and in stores, blind to the best price for each bottle.  We repeated the head slap of finding a bottle we had just bought at a better price at the store next door.  Or, adding a bottle to our online cart only to find exorbitant shipping costs quite a few times before deciding enough is enough. We started The Whiskey Library as the best price, low price search engine for whiskey bottles to help eliminate this pain point. We use it often and hope you find it just as helpful as we have.

Whether you buy your whiskey online or at your local liquor store, we hope you will find TheWhiskeyLibrary.com another great tool in building your whiskey bottle library at the best price possible.

So grab a whiskey, sit back, and relax while we keep the content coming and the bottles flowing.