When I graduated to seriously nosing whiskey while tasting, it became evident the standard whiskey tumbler was not going to cut it. I will admit that it wasn’t until I used a tulip shaped Glencairn Glass that this void in my routine became evident. That said, at the low cost per glass (around $7 dollars when buying a four pack) the tulip shaped Glencairn glass is an upgrade that all levels of whiskey drinkers should seriously consider. The Glencairn glass is the best glass for tasting whiskey.


The glass itself was design for tasting whiskey neat. It is modeled after the glasses that master distillers use to nose whiskey straight from the barrel. Master distillers gravitate towards a glass of this shape because the pinched waist holds the aroma, the tapered neck of the directs the aroma’s bouquet right to your nose, and finally the smaller glass opening ensures that the any scents in the room remain at bay as you nose your whiskey, all for a more refined nosing experience. If that sounds far-fetched to you or like a load of crap, at least know this: it is easier to smell the whiskey, hands down.


The Glencairn glass is a name brand of tulip shaped glasses. I say that the Glecairn glass is the best glass for tasting whiskey for the following reasons. It is a very sturdy glass given its refined look and shaped as it was designed to be used in pubs and bars. The Glencairn glass is bottom heavy as the best whiskey glass should be, which helps to keep the glass upright during some of the longer tasting sessions. It is designed to hold the US standard pour of 1.5oz – this can easy be measured by pouring just to where the bulb of the tulip begins to taper in to the center. I run mine through the dishwasher regularly, but others forgo this and prefer to hand wash to ensure that no soap residue is left behind. I always rinse my before drinking to remove any dust that has been collected. The glasses are designed, packaged, and distributed from East Kilbride, Scotland but are actually made elsewhere. Refer to your package to see where as I have found that it can vary. Overall, the low price and added benefits make this the best whiskey tasting glass.


Pick up a four pack to ensure you are always ready to share your passion with your guests!